Sílabos y materiales para cursos Agosto 2021

Derechos de Autor (copyright)

Introducción a la Propiedad Intelectual

Seminario Derecho de Privacidad

  • Sílabo y distribución de tareas (incluyendo para la primera clase) se encuentran en: http://elplandehiram.org/seminarioprivacidad/
  • Además de materiales identificados en el sílabo, disponibles en internet, leeremos dos libros que deben adquirir lo antes posible:
    • Woodrow Hartzog, Privacy’s Blueprint: The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies (Harvard University Press, 2018), disponible en Amazon (en versión Kindle o física)
    • Scott Skinner-Thompson, Privacy at the Margins (Cambridge University Press, 2021), disponible en Amazon (en versión Kindle o física)

“A fundamental principle of bovinity is operating here and elsewhere. Tiny controls, consistently enforced, are enough to direct very large animals…. I think it is as likely that the majority of people would resist these small but efficient regulators of the Net as it is that cows would resist wire fences. This is who we are, and this is why these regulations work.” Lawrence Lessig

“It was that faithful day in July that we planted the Stars and Stripes in the lunar surface; officially claiming the moon as America’s Space Puerto Rico. It was all ours. It was the culmination of a dream.” Jon Stewart